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Microprinting Stavanger

In a world where time is constantly moving faster, HeyPaperie wants to stop a little and take back time. I want to produce quality artwork where every single customer is a priority and put my pride in every product that is produced. So rather than mass-producing printed matter, I want to create local quality crafts for every occasion.

So who am I? My name is Maren, graphic designer and proud paper geek. I have always had an enormous joy in creating and a fondness for the analogue, what you can touch and feel. There is something captivating about watching a creative vision be created on a screen and come to life on a piece of paper.

In 2015, my creative dream went from being a vision to becoming a reality and today I make a living by creating designs and printed matter for brides, grooms and small businesses throughout the country. In 2019 I invested in my first printer and today I produce all printed matter myself, here in my small design studio in Stavanger. Being able to be responsible for both design and production gives me ownership of the entire process, from idea to final product. Which gives me a great deal of freedom to explore and experiment with different types of paper, color combinations and printing techniques during any design process. There are several hours of trial and testing behind each product, but only in this way can I offer the best solutions for my customers.

Although HeyPaperie is currently a "One Womans Show" You will notice that I mix up using I/We. This is because I occasionally get help from good freelancers during peak seasons. Social commitment and work inclusion are also a large part of HeyPaperie's vision. Therefore, at times there will be skilled and passionate people to help in my studio who either come from Nav or other agencies.

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